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About our school

Knights Enham Nursery and Infant School is housed in bright building which was originally built in 1977 but has benefited from a large scale renovation and extension along with internal refurbuishment in recent years. The school is all ground floor and all the classes have their own doors to the outside. The classes are bright and spacious and we also have a large hall, a  library, a purpose built cookery room and other areas such as our Treetops and Jays Nest to support all the learning that goes on. Another key feature of the school are the fantastic grounds which we are planning to use more and more in our learning and day to day experiences.


What a school looks like and what the building is like is just a small part of the big picture. Schools are busy places and there’s lots to find out about how they work and what makes each one special. Use our website to find out more.

Inside our School

Inside our School 1
Inside our School 2
Inside our School 3
Inside our School 4
Inside our School 5
Inside our School 6
Inside our School 7
Inside our School 8

As a school community we share responsibility for the well being and safety of all the children at Knights Enham Nursery and Infants. We have high expectations for our children and we ask that all visitors to the school grounds share and model those high expectations in their use of appropriate language and behaviour.


The whole of the school grounds site (this includes the area immediately outside each school gate) is No Smoking. The whole of the school grounds site is a no dog zone (except for assistance dogs) and this includes not tying dogs to the school fences or boundaries.

Our Lovely Grounds

Our Lovely Grounds 1
Our Lovely Grounds 2
Our Lovely Grounds 3
Our Lovely Grounds 4
Our Lovely Grounds 5
Our Lovely Grounds 6
Our Lovely Grounds 7
Our Lovely Grounds 8

We believe that all our children have the right to

Powerful learning experiences – Feel safe and be happy – Be treated as individuals

We work together to respect

Everyone in our community regardless of difference

We realise that we all have a responsiblity to

Make the best contribution we can