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Spring Term 2018

Is An Egg Alive?


This term we have been looking at new life. We had our own incubator at school for hatching our own chicks, and we all thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Finkley Down farm. We met lots of animals there. We fed the lambs, brushed the pony, held a rabbit and fed the alpacas.  We have also had lots of exciting activities in class too with our small world farm, making chocolate nests, number hunts, cooking scrambled eggs, matching games about mothers and babies and which animal lives where?

Picture 1 Stroking the soft baby rabbits
Picture 2 Brushing the pony
Picture 3 Feeding the alpacas
Picture 4 Feeding the very hungry lambs

Summer Term 2018

Why do Spiders Eat Flies?


During this summer term we will discover why spiders eat flies. We will be looking at lots of other bugs and creepy crawlies too. We are going to do lots of fun activites like making a bug hotel, creating a pond in our outside area, making bugs out of playdoh, learning to count the spots on a ladybird and make big bugs in our contruction area. We can't wait to share what we have been learning with you.

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