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Spring Term 2019 in Robins

We are learning this term about Dinosaurs. We are using lots of information books as well as the internet to find out about different dinosaurs and how they lived long ago. We have discovered a very large egg and have been drawing pictures of what we might think is inside. We will be writing a dinosaur fact book and we will be using musical instruments to make the sounds for different dinosaurs. We will be singing dinosaur songs.

For the second half of Spring Term will will be learning what animals need to live and what we need to do if we have a pet. We will find out which animals are suitable to have as pets. We will be visiting Pets at Home in Andover and we will create a pet shop and vets in our role play area in the classroom.

Robins Staff

Enjoyment in learning

Enjoyment in learning 1 Dinosaur swamp
Enjoyment in learning 2 Making a dinosaur egg
Enjoyment in learning 3 Drawing dinosaur footprints
Enjoyment in learning 4 Pets at Home Visit
Enjoyment in learning 5 Teacher at Pets at Home
Enjoyment in learning 6 Pets at Home Visit
Enjoyment in learning 7 Pets at Home Visit
Enjoyment in learning 8 Discovering ice
Enjoyment in learning 9 Playing noughts and crosses
Enjoyment in learning 10 Problem solving

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