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Owlets love exploring the outside wooded area. They particularly like water play and have loved exploring the water wall. They are getting very adept at climbing over obstacles made with tyres, blocks and planks and often enjoy a swing on the hanging tyre. Mark making is also popular using  a variety of things such as paint, chalk, sand, gloop, shaving foam and water. Inside the role play is always popular. It is currently a vets and the children love taking care of the animals. However there is always time to make a cup of tea whenever anyone visits! The children often play with small world toys such as the farm, cars, trains and Peppa Pig. Playdough is always available and the children make their own marks and models as well as using rolling pins and cutters with it.

Learning through play

We believe that all our children have the right to

Powerful learning experiences – Feel safe and be happy – Be treated as individuals

We work together to respect

Everyone in our community regardless of difference

We realise that we all have a responsiblity to

Make the best contribution we can