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School Year 2019

During the first four days of the Autumn Term, the children will be getting to know adults, the classroom and routines. This will be supported by all adults and a visual timetable. The next topic is planned for the rest of the half term and it is ‘The Enormous Crocodile.’

The children will be writing a story including character and setting descriptions. The children will be using speech bubbles and they will writing a persuasive letter. The children will also learn about story writing and the main parts of a story and vocabulary and language that will engage the reader.

In the second half of this term the rich text we will be using to start this topic is ‘The Emperor’s Penguin.’ We will also read various nonfiction books about Antarctica and penguins. The children will learn to write a non-chronological report using facts. They will also learn to write a diary and will create their own winter poems. Through these genres of writing, the children will be learning to punctuate sentences correctly, spell keywords correctly use adjectives and write ‘but, if and because’ appropriately in sentences.

Through the topic ‘Brrr Brrr’ the children will be learning about where Antarctica is in the world using Google Earth and learning about the animals that live in Antarctica. They will also name the seven continents of the world and the oceans that surround them.

In Art and Design, they will be studying still life and making a model of a penguin. They will be exploring songs and chants in music and sharing these with some of the reception children. In history the children will be learning about Scott and his trek across Antarctica.

In Science, the children will be planting bulbs and studying them throughout the year. They will also look at different fabrics and carry out investigations to find out the most appropriate ones for use in the cold.


Kingfisher Class Staff

Kingfisher Class Staff 1 Mrs Rolfe - Class Teacher
Kingfisher Class Staff 2 Mrs Emans - LSA

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