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School Year 2019

In the first part of the Autumn Term we are going to be learning all about ourselves and our families. We will get to know the children in our class and learn the routines.  We will all be learning to listen to each other and respond appropriately. We will be naming different parts of the body and drawing pictures of ourselves. We will talk about who is in our family, where we live and the sorts of things we do with our family. We will talk about healthy eating, sorting foods that are healthy and foods that are treats. We will also be finding out about our other senses of hearing, seeing, touching and smelling. We will be learning the sounds of lots of letters and begin to blend them together to read words. All children will be doing lots of counting - in number rhymes, counting objects and counting things such as claps or jumps.  

Puffins Class Staff

Puffins Class Staff 1 Mrs Dodman - Class Teacher
Puffins Class Staff 2 Mrs Owen - LSA

Enjoyment in Learning

Enjoyment in Learning 1 Building a racing car
Enjoyment in Learning 2 PE
Enjoyment in Learning 3 Dinosaur writing
Enjoyment in Learning 4 Dinosaur dig
Enjoyment in Learning 5 Dinosaur puzzle
Enjoyment in Learning 6 Pets at Home Visit
Enjoyment in Learning 7 Pets at Home Visit
Enjoyment in Learning 8 Painting together

We believe that all our children have the right to

Powerful learning experiences – Feel safe and be happy – Be treated as individuals

We work together to respect

Everyone in our community regardless of difference

We realise that we all have a responsiblity to

Make the best contribution we can