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School Year 2019



During the first half of Autumn Term the BIG focus is Science. The children will be learning all about their bodies, senses and how to take care of themselves. They will be using their senses to take part in different activities and learn about how our bodies function to make us healthy.  Through our science learning, we will be looking at seasonal changes in the school grounds and local area, starting our longitudinal study on finding a home for Billy the beetle. The children will do a seasonal walk around Anton Lakes to look at changes in the environment.

In English we will writing about real life superheroes after meeting some, and then writing our own comic about Supertato, which is our rich text this theme. We will be using adjectives and conjunctions to make our writing more exciting.

In Art and Design the children will be learning to draw portraits of both themselves and each other. They will also be looking at the work of Andy Warhol and designing their own repeating patterns using vegetables and fruits to print.

In P.E the children will be participating in Team games. The children will need to work as a team to play team games.

This half term in maths our main focus will be number. We will be looking at 1:1 correspondence, addition and subtraction and place value.


Swans Class Staff

Swans Class Staff 1 Mrs Race - Class Teacher
Swans Class Staff 2 Mrs Hier - LSA

Enjoyment in learning

Enjoyment in learning 1 Making space collage picture
Enjoyment in learning 2 Gymnastics
Enjoyment in learning 3 Sorting shapes
Enjoyment in learning 4 Safer Internet Day
Enjoyment in learning 5 Researching woodland animals
Enjoyment in learning 6 Drawing woodland animals
Enjoyment in learning 7 Red Riding Hood discussions
Enjoyment in learning 8 Multiplication solving

We believe that all our children have the right to

Powerful learning experiences – Feel safe and be happy – Be treated as individuals

We work together to respect

Everyone in our community regardless of difference

We realise that we all have a responsiblity to

Make the best contribution we can