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Science at Knights Enham is based around the Key Ideas that children need to know. We cover the National Curriculum, learning all about animals, plants, materials and the seasons but we make it relevant to our children. We feel that our children need to know about these ideas and how they will come across them in their immediate lives. Therefore we learn about plants and animals that they will discover in their local environment, how different materials are used around them and we look at how seasons affect our school.


We feel that these ideas can therefore only be taught by being outside, amongst the bugs, the plants and getting our hands dirty. Children need to see, hear and feel their environment first hand. So, Science is directly linked to our love of outdoor learning. We feel that the outdoor environment provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for our children, engaging them in new and different ways. Whether we are in our school Woodland Trail turning over logs and Bush Beating or down at the local lakes pond dipping and Net Sweeping, we are experiencing and learning about the world around us and what that means to us personally.


Science is part of the weekly focus teaching in Key Stage 1 but we feel it is evident more than that. The children have access to the outdoor environment in Discovery Time where they can take their own learning forward, exploring what is around them. We also have indoor Science Workshop areas that can offer a different way of thinking and looking at things. Our regular trips to places like the National Trust or the local lakes also offer children the chance to develop their understanding of the world around them.

Gardening at Knights Enham

We believe that all our children have the right to

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We work together to respect

Everyone in our community regardless of difference

We realise that we all have a responsiblity to

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