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Typical School Day

The children are welcomed into their classrooms from 8.45am where they are met by class staff every morning. The official start of the school day is 9.00am when we complete registration. If you arrive at school after this time, you need to bring your child to the school office to sign them in.


We are very fortunate with our school grounds and use our outside spaces for a variety of learning and playtime activities. It is really important to us that we can use these spaces safely throughout the day and for this reason our gates are locked during the day.


For child safety our front gate is locked between 8.35am and 9.15am and 2.35pm and 3.15pm.


For child safety our back gate is locked between 9.20 am and 2.45 pm.


Gates are re-opened at 11.50am to allow for the morning children to be collected and the afternoon children to arrive, the gates are then closed at 12.10pm– to access this gate when the main gates are locked you will need to walk over the King Arthurs Way bridge, not through the school main entrance.

We believe that all our children have the right to

Powerful learning experiences – Feel safe and be happy – Be treated as individuals

We work together to respect

Everyone in our community regardless of difference

We realise that we all have a responsiblity to

Make the best contribution we can